8/17/2017: With Dr. Lumír Krejčí, we signed collaboration agreement with the UK-based company Artios Pharma on the development of nuclease inhibitors:

7/14/2017: Roman Kučera leaves for a research stay in the laboratory of Seth Herzon at Yale University. Good luck Roman!

1/4/2017: Ondřej Hylse got a job at Synthon, Czech Republic. Well done!

17/10/2016: Ondřej Hylse received the Award of Students' Chamber of Academic Senate of Masaryk University. This award recognizes excellence in educational activities. Congratulations!

30/05/2016: Congratulations to Dr. Lukáš Maier, the chemistry winner at the Interdisciplinary Meeting of Young Biologists, Biochemists and Chemists 2016.

27/02/2016: Václav Němec was awarded a Brno Ph.D. Talent fellowship; congratulations!

27/02/2016: Congrats to Petra Vojáčková for getting into the Roche Internship program.

19/11/2015: See our commentary in Nature Chemical Biology: "Voices of chemical biology"

Nature Chemical Biology 2015, 11, 900-901.